Are you thinking of asking your wife for a divorce?

Relationships may take a surprising turn. There are so many reasons people may ask for a divorce. Sometimes it’s due to infidelity, money issues, or differences in whether to have children or not.  Once you start entertaining thoughts of quitting the relationship, you may also find yourself wondering how do I tell my wife I want a divorce. Naturally, it’s a tricky situation and you have to consider the possible reaction.

So, here we present a few quick ways to solve the “tell a wife you want a divorce” problem.

1. Timing Is Important

Talking about divorce is a serious issue and you need to wait for the proper moment. You never know the intensity of your wife’s reaction but you can select a suitable time and place to avoid an extremely harsh response. If you have kids, you need to make sure that you don’t break the ice in their presence.

Also make sure that you don’t break the news on a significant day such as a marriage anniversary or birthday. The place you choose should also be pleasant and quiet. You must have time for a long and peaceful discussion, and you must prepare your case well rather than just walking away after dropping the bomb.

2. Be a Gentleman

Whatever the reason behind you wanting a divorce and regardless of who is at fault, you need to behave like a gentleman because aggression begets aggression. If we are to choose the best way to tell your wife you want a divorce, being a gentleman about it will help considerably. It is your body language and tone which determines your wife’s reaction and ultimately sets the pattern for further proceedings.

The words you choose will also play a big role. Don’t point fingers, be judgmental, cast blame, or highlight weaknesses. If you want a peaceful settlement, you need to be respectful in how you handle yourself and the situation.

3. Don’t Push Her for an Instant Decision 

Tell a Wife You Want a DivorceBeing the initiator, you’ve had the advantage of thinking twice, thrice and so on before coming to the decision that you want a divorce. You probably even sought advice on how do you tell your wife you want a divorce. It wasn’t a decision you made lightly, so likewise, don’t expect your wife to sign divorce papers immediately. Give her time to think through the situation too.

If you push her for an instant decision, she might feel threatened and when people are threatened, they either fight or retaliate. Instead, having time to think and analyze the situation may release the tension and lead to a logical and relatively less aggressive reaction. This tip is ideal if you are looking for an out-of-court settlement which involves settling things through a mediator instead of going to court and having a judge rule on your case.

4. Don’t Be Mean or Cruel 

So what if the wife has cheated on you? Does that give you a reason to be mad? Yes! Does that give you the right to be mean and cruel? If you’ve recently found out, you must be feeling a certain way about it, but it doesn’t mean you should be mean and cruel. It’s not uncommon to want to hurt someone who has betrayed you deeply.

However, choose to take the high road and walk away. Don’t stoop down to match betrayal with betrayal. Just know that no one deserves to be cheated upon, whether man or woman, and that retaliating by going out to cheat with someone else is not the solution.

Getting a Divorce Isn’t as Important as How You Ask for the Divorce

If you want to tell your wife you want a divorce, opt for all possible ways which require kindness, understanding, and logic. The solution is not simple and there can’t be a definite answer. A better understanding of your wife’s behavior and temperament is very important. The purpose is to avoid conflict and keep things as calm as possible. Saying goodbye is not a big issue, how you say goodbye is the key!

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