More and more people are taking the ‘do it yourself’ divorce method – particularly online – as a way of ending their marriage. Plenty of companies provide divorce forms – these websites prepare forms for you based on information given. The website may use attorneys or paralegals to look over the papers as a stamp of authority. Other sites will require you to make the necessary steps to complete the forms.

Filing for Divorce Online

Certain states allow you to file for free divorce for online. However, in order to do so, there are particular requirements, so it’s important to check the state’s court website first. The Internet has caused the way divorces are settled to change drastically. Many states that previously did not permit online divorce are now changing their stance on the issue.

It is more than likely that every state will begin to cooperate with this mode of operation. Counties are also another thing to take into consideration – they have their own rules on divorce too. If you’re not sure if your county allows for this, you can call the clerk’s office to make sure. It’s also worth mentioning that even if you use an attorney, they may have to file for divorce online in your state.

Online Companies for Uncontested Divorce

If you plan to file an uncontested divorce, there are websites that can help with issue particularly. How do you know if your divorce is contested? A divorce is uncontested if there are no major issues between you and your other half, such as visitation, sharing of property and child support.

There are online sites that can ready documents on your behalf, and many of them will look over the forms too. Online sites should not be used, however, if there is a disagreement on major issues. Contested divorces can also be quite difficult, and the need for a retrial may arise.

It’s worth noting that even though you might want to get divorced quickly, it’s unwise to rush the process when you and your former partner cannot come to an agreement. Using an lawyer for a contested divorce is the most suitable course of action and makes the most sense.

And even though you can acquire the documents for an online divorce, the company will not act as your attorney. An attorney is a good call in terms of reviewing documents, particularly if your case involves a large amount/high value of property. It is best to follow proper protocol if this is the case.

The Online Divorce Process

The process of filing for divorce online begins by letting a company ready your divorce papers and having them submitted electronically. It is also possible to submit them on the state court’s site. Not every legal company will submit divorce papers online.

How to Get a Divorce Online

  • Firstly, make sure you whether you are going to pick an online company or the website for your state. The court website will let you prepare forms on your computer but you will have to complete the process on your own. It is important to save the printable divorce papers as a PDF and make multiple copies.
  • Make sure that your divorce is uncontested and that you and your spouse have agreed to the terms set out by both of you. All-important areas such child support, visitation and payments must be accounted for.
  • Fill out the details of your divorce rigorously. Important information, such as names, addresses, dates, locations and so forth have to be included. You must also write down the reason why it has come to this.
  • Take a look at your state’s courts site or get in touch with the county clerk to find out how your papers should be filed, pay any fees that you need to, and file them either online or in the courthouse.
  • Your spouse will then be served with the divorce papers (if relevant). This has to be by an adult or a professional server. You cannot by any means serve the papers yourself.
  • Come to an agreement that you and your spouse are both happy with. A good option is using an attorney for this part so that things go across smoothly and to plan. This can protect against further court motions in coming years.
  • Check that all additional forms are added to the original papers or ask your attorney to complete them.

A Speedy Resolution

An online divorce can sometimes be an easier alternative to your regular uncontested divorce and can mitigate the emotionally difficult time you and your family have to endure.

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