Free divorce advice is everywhere. You can find it online, in libraries, or even standing in line at the grocery store.

For instant free advice on divorce, you can just open up your smart phone and type in a “free advice divorce” and voila – immediate answers.

The problem is, a lot of this free advice for divorce is not necessarily the best advice. Some of it might be downright bad or wrong.

You don’t want free divorce advice to be sending you into the wrong direction just because you want instant gratification. So be careful who and what you take your advice from.

Examples of Bad Free Divorce Advice

Whether you are thinking about getting a divorce, or in the process of one, consider carefully the source of the advice. Here are some things to look out for:

1. Divorce Scam Websites

Some websites offering a quick and easy “online divorce” for cheap are really scams. You should carefully vet any company that claims to offer you an easy way out through the divorce process. Are they even licensed in your state? Do they understand the divorce laws of your state?

2. Facebook

While there are some divorce support groups on Facebook, be careful about posting on your Facebook wall, asking for divorce advice. Some of the responses may not be that helpful. Worse, your spouse may see your post and could use what you are saying on Facebook against you. Because you need to login to Facebook with your real name, you do not have any genuine privacy on Facebook, even in a “private” group.

3. Bitter Friends

free divorce adviceBitter friends truly can be the worst people to get divorce advice from. Let’s say your friend got cheated on by her husband multiple times. She is now divorced and not dating, and very angry at men because of what her husband did. She is much more likely to encourage you to be angry and volatile with your husband during this time. She may encourage you to separate even if your marriage is salvageable.

Even if your divorce is inevitable, it will go much more smoothly if you can be on friendly terms with your ex-spouse. Bitter friends can make this much more difficult and encourage the worst of you to come out.

4. Jealous Friends

Bitter friends are closely related to jealous friends, and the two often overlap. You need to be careful of any friend who may be jealous of your marriage. They could be intentionally or unintentionally trying to sabotage it. A friend could even want you to divorce so you will have more time to spend with your buddy instead of your spouse!

Let’s say you are a guy who has an old college friend you used to spend every weekend with during football season, hanging out, drinking beer, and watching the games.

Now, you are married and don’t have as much time to hang out. Your friend could be jealous of your wife. He may also be jealous of your success or lifestyle. So, he goes out of his way to sabotage your marriage, and feed poison into your head about your spouse.

Someone like this will naturally cheer on any talk of divorce. And, once again, even if your divorce is inevitable over issues that have nothing to do with your friend, he still may make things worse. Because of his jealously, he may encourage you to do things during the divorce proceedings that end up blowing up in your face. Beware.

5. Bad Lawyers

Technically, lawyers generally don’t dispense free advice on divorce, but they are still worth mentioning. (Though, they do often give some free advice in an initial consultation, or on their website’s blog.)

Some lawyers are simply better than others. If you have gotten a cheap, bottom of the barrel discount lawyer, there may be a reason why they are so inexpensive. Is your lawyer actually good? Did you check the lawyer’s references? Yelp reviews? Better Business Bureau?

Make sure you get a good lawyer to get the best divorce advice.

Divorce Isn’t Fun – Get the Best Advice Possible

Divorce is one of the biggest deals you will ever face in your life. Don’t just leave it up to amateurs or scam websites to help guide you. Try to find the best advice you can, whether it is free or professional, paid help. By doing so, you can hopefully have the least painful divorce possible.

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