It’s not easy being a divorcee over the age of 50, is it?

Divorce is an unpleasant event regardless of your age. However, for those aged 50 and above, divorce may have a more painful effect because chances are you’ve been married most of your life and the children are out of the house. Thoughts of growing old alone are not comforting. You might feel a deep sense of betrayal and may end up being directionless.

However, divorce is not the end.  While there is some truth to the statement that surviving divorce becomes increasingly tough with age, it doesn’t mean that it should steal the life out of you. Following are seven surprisingly effective ways of surviving a divorce after 50.

1. Ask for Help If You Need It 

A divorce can be messy especially if there is money involved.  Apart from a lawyer, you must consult a certified divorce financial planner. Surviving divorce after 50 may require additional financial support in order to re-organize your finances for your retirement.

You don’t want to be caught off-guard when it’s time to retire. Your best working years are probably behind you at this stage in your life, so if you’re going through a divorce or are about to finalize one, make sure you’ve got your finances in order.

2. Mediation Instead of Litigation 

When it comes to surviving divorce after 50, financial concerns become prominent. To save extra expenses, it is a good idea to avoid court litigation. Divorce mediation is less expensive, takes less time, and more importantly, maintains secrecy by keeping the issue as private as possible.

Take every route you can to reduce the amount of money you’re spending. You want to save every dollar you can because you and your spouse have probably already split everything, especially if you didn’t have a prenuptial agreement in place.

3. Take Up a Hobby

surviving a divorceWhy should you take up a hobby post-divorce? Because it’s an excellent way to stay busy and get your mind working on something new. Hobbies run aplenty and can include learning new things, games, and sports, picking up a new language, learning how to cook something you’ve always wanted to cook, or even traveling.

You’ll be amazed by how many new people you meet, and how many friendships you’ll make along the way.  You need to surround yourself with new people. They’ll help with the healing process.

4. Join a Divorce Support Group

Not everyone has an amicable divorce. Joining a divorce support group will give you a chance to meet others in your situation. The will be able to identify with your pain, hurt, and loneliness. You’ll be comforted knowing that you’re not alone and that there is hope. You might also be fortunate enough to meet someone new who is ready to start a new friendship and trust someone with their heart again.

You never know where love will find you again!

5. Prepare Yourself Professionally 

No one ever gets married thinking they will divorce. We all want to believe that our love story will be the happily ever after found in children’s books, but sadly, for 50% of married couples in the U.S., this is never the case. While you can do little to stop the other person from leaving, there is something you can do for yourself, and that’s preparing yourself professionally.

Even if you are 30 or 40 years of age, you need to constantly work on improving your professional expertise. This tip is very important, especially for housewives because many times, most women give up their careers for their families and, as such, have little to no working experience to be considered for higher-paying jobs.

6. See the Brighter Side 

Yes, divorce is tough, dark, and hard to get through, but there is no use entertaining negative thoughts. Focus on building yourself up again. Join a gym and get fit. When you look good, you’ll feel even better about yourself. You’ll have more energy and your view on life may change. Change your wardrobe. Get a new haircut. Do something nice for yourself that you haven’t done in a while. Take it as an opportunity to discover a new life.

Engage yourself in different positive activities and give your mind less time to dwell on the past.

7. Do What Pleases You 

This is perhaps the best tip for surviving divorce after 50 because it restores the natural emotional order and helps you to release stress. Visit your favorite places, play with your pets, go for a walk, read books for hours, and spend a lot of time in the garden.

Such activities keep your mind relaxed and help you start a new routine and build new habits.

Divorce Is Not the End

It’s so easy to think that divorce is the end. It is not. The end only comes when you die. Don’t live the last remaining years of your life in bitterness, pain, and unforgivingness. Choose to let go of the past and live life to the fullest each day!

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