Divorce is never fun or easy. You thought you would be spending the rest of your life with this person. But things didn’t work out.

Now, you need to go through a lengthy, painful process of separating two lives that had become one. Where do you start? What tips for divorce might help?

8 Helpful Divorce Tips and Strategies

When looking online for divorce tips and tricks, you might be overwhelmed with information. Here are some suggestions on making the process a little easier.

1. Create a Plan for Your Divorce Process

Even if it is just a rough to-do list at this point, write down a divorce plan. What steps do you need to take? These might include things like hiring a lawyer, finding an apartment, or talking to your children about the pending separation.

2. Get Organized Before You Get Overwhelmed

Create some sort of notebook or folder on your computer to organize information you are gathering on divorce. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to deal with lawyers and courtrooms.

3. Become Familiar with Divorce Terminology

In order to get the most out of your sessions with a lawyer, it will be helpful to understand divorce terminology. While your lawyer can certainly help explain, doing some prep work first can help speed up your consultation (and perhaps save you some money).

You should understand what the difference is between a fault and no-fault divorce. You should also understand the various financial structures that underpin a marriage and will affect the divorce.

4. Understand the Divorce Laws in Your State

Divorce tipsAre you living in a state where community property is the law? If so, then both you and your spouse hold equal claim to most of the property acquired during the marriage. Each state is different in how it handles marital assets, and even community property definitions can vary from state to state.

You will also want to know how your state handles a fault vs. no-fault divorce. Some states, such as California, will not penalize a spouse for having an affair as in other states.

5. Get Your Records in Order

You should get your financial records in order as well as any other important documents. Sometimes a spouse may try to hide financial documents, and it can be expensive and challenging to try to collect these during divorce proceedings. If you have any joint accounts or joint debts, you will also need to deal with these.

For complex financial matters, you might benefit from working with a professional financial adviser. Many of these advisors specialize in divorce.

6. Put a Support System in Place

Divorce can not only be challenging, it can be lonely. Once you are living on your own again, you will need to adjust to single life. Make sure you are keeping in touch with friends during this time. You might also find a local divorce support group to help you through this difficult time.

7. Keep Your Mouth Shut on Social Media

As much as Facebook might be a place where you’d like to vent, now is not the time. What you say on Facebook could be brought up in divorce proceedings. Be careful what you write on Facebook and Twitter. Be judicious with your Instagram photos. Posting a photo of you with your new sweetie in a bikini is perhaps a bit too soon. Wait until the divorce is finalized.

8. Take a Deep Breath and Try to Relax

Divorce is difficult, but it is not the end of the world. After your divorce, you may experience a period of mourning and adjustment, but you will get through it and start to live a new and better life. So, while you are going through your divorce, try to take good care of yourself and relax as often as possible. Make sure you eat healthy, exercise, and do things that positively impact your mental health. Reduce your stress as much as possible to help make your divorce proceedings easier.

Take Heart on Your Divorce Journey

These tips on getting a divorce are just the beginning. As you do more research and get more help, you will get a clearer picture on how your divorce will work. Hang in there and keep a positive attitude. Many people have experienced divorce and have come through the other side much happier, healthier, and fulfilled in their lives. You can too.

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